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The First of the contactless
exhibition "KOMTS"

  • The first of the ‘UNTACT’
    exhibition through the online.

    The 3D online exhibition is an online version of the
    real exhibition. Exhibitors can communicate with
    the participants in a virtual room and exhibit their
    products via a virtual exhibition. High-resolution 3D
    images duplicate the environment and format of
    a real exhibition to ensure a realistic and
    comprehensive experience. Visitors can use a
    variety of interactive information tools for real-time
    communication and information exchange, view
    product demos, videos, chat with sales

  • Buyers with
    high purchasing power

    KICOX(Korea Industrial Complex corporation)
    hosting the event, coast guards from home and
    abroad are showing active participation. Also the
    No.1 exhibition organizer is planning to invite
    targeted overseas buyers using global network.
    Goal of attraction : more than 150,000 buyers
    from home and abroad including ship
    owners and ship management , purchasing
    alliance,marine equipment agency,
    government agency, organization

  • Providing various Services
    with a working-level team of marine product

    We provide various services to exhibitors experts
    with sufficient experience in design, production,
    approval, inspection, operation, and technical
    consulting in addition to basic knowledge of the
    ship building and marine industries and

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