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Initial Export

The marketing procedure for initial export

We analyze target markets and products/services to meet the needs of clients and establish export and marketing strategies to gain competitiveness and brand recognition.

Market Research
Select the target market for export and conduct thorough research on that market.
This research should include factors such as market size, competitors, consumer behavior, regulations and legal requirements, cultural differences, etc.
This will help in developing an export strategy and formulating a marketing strategy that is suitable for the target market.
Service Suitability Assessment
Evaluate the suitability of the product or service in the target market.
This involves assessing whether the product or service meets the demands of the local market, has a competitive advantage, and takes into account cultural sensitivities.
If necessary, modify the product or service or adjust the targeting strategy.
Goal Setting
Set goals for the initial export.
These goals can include export volume, market share, sales targets, profitability, etc.
Setting clear and realistic goals will help in planning the marketing strategy.
Marketing Strategy
Develop a marketing strategy tailored to the target market.
This includes branding positioning of the product or service, pricing strategy, channel strategy, promotion and advertising strategy, etc.
Take into consideration the local culture, language, and practices when developing the strategy.
Explore collaboration with local partners or agents if needed.
Market Entry
Enter the target market based on the marketing strategy.
This can involve establishing channels in collaboration with local partners or directly approaching the market.
Utilize various marketing tools such as product branding, sales promotion, advertising, digital marketing, etc., to facilitate exports.
Customer Relationship
Customer relationship management is crucial in the initial export phase.
Build trust, actively communicate, and provide support to meet customer demands.
Pay attention to gathering customer feedback and improving the product or service.
Performance Evaluation
and Improvement
Continuously evaluate and improve the performance of export marketing.
Monitor performance indicators to assess goal achievement and take necessary measures to adjust the marketing strategy.